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use FileUtil;

use FileUtil qw(:all);


FileUtil module provides the following functions:

CheckFileType, ConvertCygwinPath, ExpandFileNames, FileModificationTimeAndDate, FileSize, FormatFileSize, FormattedFileModificationTimeAndDate, GetMayaChemToolsLibDirName, GetUsageFromPod, ParseFileName


$Status = CheckFileType($FileName, $FileExts);

Based on FileExts, decides type of FileName and return 1 or 0.

$NewPath = ConvertCygwinPath($Path);

Check to see whether Path contains any Cygwin drive specification and convert it into Windows path.

@FilesList = ExpandFileNames(\@Files, $FileExts);
@FilesList = ExpandFileNames(\@Files, $FileExts, $IncludeDirName);

For each directory name or wild card file name in Files, generate all file names which correspond to the specification along with match to any extensions in FileExts and return an array FileList containing these file names and other names. IncludeDirName controls controls whether directory prefixes are included in expanded file names. Default is to always append directory name before expanded file name.


. Multiple file extensions are delimited by spaces.
. Wild card, *, is supported in directory and file names along with file extensions.
. For a specified directory name in the files list, all the files in the directory are retrieved using Perl opendir function and files filtered using file extensions. The file names "." and ".." returned by opendir are ignored.
. For file names containing wild cards with and without any explicit file extension specification in the file name, all the files in the directory are retrieved using Perl opendir function and files filtered using file name along with any file extension. The file names "." and ".." returned by opendir are ignored.
($TimeString, $DateString) = FormattedFileModificationTimeAndDate($FileName);

Returns a formatted time and date string corresponding to FileName modification time.

($Hours, $Mins, $Secs, $DayName, $MonthName, $Month, $Year) = FileModificationTimeAndDate($FileName);

Returns file modification time and date values for specified FileName.

$FormattedSize= FormatFileSize($Size, [$Precision]);

Formats the file size in bytes to human readable value and returns a formatted file size string.

$Size= FileSize($FileName);

Returns size of FileName in bytes

$MayaChemToolsLibDir = GetMayaChemToolsLibDirName();

Returns MayaChemTools lib directory name by parsing INC values to extract MAYACHEMTOOLS/lib directory location: first entry in INC path should contain MayaChemTools lib location.

$ScriptUsage = GetUsageFromPod($AbsoluteScriptPath);

Generates a ScriptUsage string from pod documentation in the script file using pod2text or perdoc.bat Perl utitities.

($FileDir, $FileName, $FileExt) = ParseFileName($FullFileName);

Splits FullFileName into directory name, file name, and extension. FileDir is set to current directory for absent directory name in FullFileName. And FileExt is set to NULL string for FullFileName without any extension.

This function doesn't perform checking ragarding the presence of the directory FileDir and FullFileName and the FullFileName without any extension is assumed to be a file instead of a directory.


Manish Sud



Copyright (C) 2024 Manish Sud. All rights reserved.

This file is part of MayaChemTools.

MayaChemTools is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.



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